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MetPad 0.8 Released
New features in this version
  • Sizer (for resizing window easier) on the bottom right
  • Click on line number multiselects line
  • Right click on line number de-multiselects line
  • Quick-jump to files 1-9 with + <1...9>
  • Highlight current line (option)
  • If text is selected and F3 is pressed selection is used for quick-search
  • If text is selected and Find-Window is opened selection is used for search-field
  • Selected text can be moved by mouse-button-2 drag-and-drop
  • Double click in file list openes new file
  • Steering Command Console (for debug purposes)
  • GUI: Moved status bar out of paned window
  • some command mode improvements
  • Execute commands (built in plugin)
  • Status bar messages are cleared after a configured time
  • General settings window
  • Configurable status message and command mode timeout
  • Binding of mouse button clicks to the line-number-bar (see help file for details)
  • Command ":Possible to convert multiselections to normal selections and vice versa
  • Multiple copy/pase buffers (1...9), accessable via Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V
  • View window to view the contents of the copy/paste buffers
  • Menu entry for copy/paste buffers
  • Command mode extension to access copy/paste buffers
  • Command mode extension: "/string" searches for "string"
  • Encrypt/Decrypt text
  • Monitoring files ("tail -f" function)
  • Basic macro recording (experimental)

About the MetPad Text Editor
MetPad is a simple yet powerfull text editor entirely written in Tcl/Tk and therefore runnable on many platforms. It provieds an intuitive GUI and supports editing multiple files. Varoius shurtcut-keys allow speedy editing.
MetPad is free software and can be redistributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License

About Tcl/Tk (programming language)
Tcl (Tool Command Language) is a very powerful but easy to learn dynamic programming language, suitable for a very wide range of uses, including web and desktop applications, networking, administration, testing and many more. Open source and business-friendly, Tcl is a mature yet evolving language that is truly cross platform, easily deployed and highly extensible.

Tk is a graphical user interface toolkit that takes developing desktop applications to a higher level than conventional approaches. Tk is the standard GUI not only for Tcl, but for many other dynamic languages, and can produce rich, native applications that run unchanged across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and more.

Met Pad Features
Features in Version V0.7:
  • Block selection by Ctrl + MouseMove
  • Change Tab Size
  • Auto Indenting
  • Improved binding (internal)
  • Drag and drop support (windows) for one or more files
  • Replace function
  • Tooltips

Features in Version V0.6:
  • metpad.dat file is now obsolete
  • metpad.gif file is now obsolete
  • Tab Size can be changed
  • Quicklaunch bar opens file-selection box in the specified directory when address ands with "/" or "\"
  • Recent files (in file menu) are stored any OS
  • Enhanced logging function (variable log prefix)
  • Copy multiselection to clipboard
  • Cut multiselection to clipboard
  • Possible to load external metpad plugins
  • Scan for available plugins on startup
  • Stay in command mode after executing a command (option)
  • Bookmark cursor position (with user defined bookmark names)
  • Create new file using the pipe (-p command line argument)
  • Print-out function for Windows
  • Print-out function for Unix
  • User defined plugin path
  • Clipboard View (view and modify clipboard contents)
  • Fullscreen View
  • Plugin: Clock Plugin available

Features in Version V0.5
  • Start new instance of MetPad
  • Quick launch bar
  • Reset Undo Buffer
  • Mouse indication if application is busy
  • Remove a selection from multi-selection
  • Find Function
  • Open URLs (with/without proxy)
  • Major changes in internal structure ->
  • Fixed Memory Leak when having many files opened and jumping around
  • Unlimited undo for all files
  • Indicated in title bar during saving a file
  • "Save all" feature
  • Select line
  • Select paragraph

Features in Version V0.3:
  • Delete to start of line (inkl. cmd mode)
  • Delete to end of line (inkl. cmd mode)
  • Possible to correct commands via Backspace key
  • Undo/Redo errors are catched
  • Improved error when opening/writing files without permisson
  • Redirect logging output to file
  • Font can be changed
  • Color can be changed (including selection and multi-selection)
  • Enhanged Right click (either shift or ctrl + click)
  • Short cuts for command line commands (:w or :wr instead of :write)
  • F12 toggles wrap style
  • Repeat last command (Ctrl+.)
  • Jump from one file to the next/previous with shortcut keys
  • User settings (font, colors, ...) are stored in windows and linux
  • Windows remembers window position and -size
  • Linux remembers window position and -size
  • Word- and line- and character count
  • Insert an arbitrary file into the opened file
  • Line numbers can be displayed or hidden (option)
  • Toolbar can be displayed or hidden (option)
  • The application remembers the last searched string (toolbar)
  • File list box can be displayed or hidden (auto display when command is entered)
  • "Find Cursor" including highlight line
  • Multiselection added
  • Indent/unindent (Including "unindent-blanks option"), with command and shortcut key
  • Comment/uncomment (Including various comment-tags), with command and shortcut key
  • Change selection to lowercase
  • Change selection to uppercase
  • Title the current selection (every first char of a word to uppercase)
  • Warning-dialog for switching off dialogs ;-)
  • Open Console (Plugin) for Windows and Linux

Features in Version V0.2:
  • Edit a unlimited number of files at once
  • Basic file handling: open, close, save, save as
  • Basic text editor functions: cut, copy, paste, delete, delete line, delete word
  • Display file information for active text file
  • Show cursor position
  • Show information about unsaved files
  • Line numbers are displayed
  • Enhanced cursor movement with shurtcut-keys
  • System time and MetPad up-time is displayed
  • VIM-like command mode implemented (first steps, see HELP file)
  • Goto Line
  • Open files via Metpad-command line argument
  • Wrap styles (word/character/none)
  • Quick find function forwards and backwards
  • Show-Dialogs option query

How To Download Met Pad? Logo Sourceforge - You can download the latest version of MetPad binaries and sources at the sourceforge proect page.Binaries are currently available for Windows and Linux.
Local - You can also grab all released MetPad versions from the local archive.

Screenshots of the various MetPad Versions
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

MetPad Version 0.6 running on Windows XP

MetPad Version 0.3 running on Linux with IcmWM window manager

MetPad Version 0.3 running on Windows XP

MetPad Version 0.2

MetPad Version 0.1

MetPad About Window

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